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Press and Media

ChatGPT & Generative AI - Is Google doomed, who are the real winners & losers (Feb. 2023)

Is Qatar posing a threat to Israeli high-tech? (Nov. 2023)

Interviewing for Israeli channel 12 about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse (Mar. 2023)

Shahar Cohen on Kann 11:
First signs of inflation deceleration

(Nov. 2022)

20 Minute Leaders
Shahar Cohen Founder
and CEO Lucid Capital
(September 2021)

What caused Mobileye's stock to drop 30% in one day? Mobileye positioning and autonomous driving  (Jan. 2024)

Tech trend that ruled 2023, what areas are interesting for 2024, GenAI and magnificent7 (Dec. 2023)

The global semiconductor crisis and its implications
(December 2021)

Why are SPACs currently
the most significant trend in Israeli high-tech

(April 2021)

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