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Lucid Capital
Tech Time Travelers 

We are time travelers, disguised as tech investors.


Lucid Capital is an investment fund that specializes in global tech-driven stocks, and startups in "growth" and pre-IPO stages.

Unlike investment managers who come from financial backgrounds but lack a deep understanding of technology, Lucid was founded by engineers and senior executives at top tech companies.

This fundamental understanding of technology, together with our extensive network in the Silicon Valley and Israel, is the "DeLorean" - the vehicle that allows us to travel back and forth in time, elucidating secular investment themes.

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A unique model that generates a flywheel between the public and private markets 


Lucid is one of the only entities in the world that invests in the public and private markets. The synergy in the research process, resulting from cross-referencing information, allows for in-depth due diligence, unique insights and access to venture capital transactions. This process creates a flywheel effect in identifying and analyzing investment opportunities.

Investing in "traditional" companies also requires deep technological understanding


Even in the more "traditional" industries (e.g. banking, retail, etc.), technological infrastructure is becoming the determining factor that distinguishes between the companies that survive and those that thrive. For example, the technological revolution of Dominos Pizza is the reason why its share (DPZ) yielded 60x in 12 years.

Today, investors need to be able to hold eye-level conversations with Chief Information Officers (CIOs) - not only Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). At Lucid, this is our forte.


It should not constitute a recommendation or advice, or a substitute for advice that takes into account the personal needs of each person. 
The DPZ stock return is presented for general illustration and does not constitute an offer. Lucid may have a personal interest  In stock

Our Principles

Shoulder to shoulder with you

Our personal capital, as well as that of our families & friends are also invested in the fund. 
We believe it's the only way to create an absolute identity of interests.

Thinking like owners, not traders.


Experience in senior tech roles gives us the foresight to examine investments through the eyes of long-term owners, rather than short-term traders. 

Feet on the ground in the top tech hubs


Extensive networks in Tel Aviv and the Silicon Valley enable us to dismantle the buzzwords and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Uncompromising risk management

Not every investment will go as planned. That's why we do not cut corners in risk management and exposures.

Access to late-stage start-ups

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Lucid partners with some of the largest Israeli institutions, assisting them with access and due diligence of venture capital investments in growth and pre-IPO stages. Since the beginning of 2020, institutions have invested over $40M in SPVs with our help.

We provide eligible and institutional clients access to venture capital transactions led by Tier-1 venture capital funds on an ad hoc basis and with prior approval from the investor, per transaction.

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