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Our Team

After over twenty years in senior positions at tech companies, in 2018, we set our sights on turning our life-long hobby and passion for tech investing into a profession. In 2019, we joined the More Investment House, which launched a mutual fund (More 4D Technology Stocks) managed by the founder of Lucid Capital, Shachar Cohen. Following the fund's success*, in 2022, we established a global investment fund in partnership with Alternative Investments - a boutique investment firm that specializes in Accredited Investors.

* Unfortunately, regulations prohibit the publication of returns, but the fund's performance throughout 2021 can be seen on any financial website or through your bank's investment advisor. 


The Management Team


Shahar Cohen - Founder and CEO

Shahar began his career as a software engineer at Intel and has held senior positions at tech companies, including Head of Strategy at HP-Indigo, VP Product at the Cyber startup AppDome, Head of Product Marketing at Cisco's global headquarters in the Silicon Valley. 

From 2019 until the end of 2021, he served as a tech investment advisor to institutional entities and managed the "More 4D Technology Stocks" fund.

He served as a board member at two non-profits and in 2011, served as the youngest member of the Trachtenberg Committee. He holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.Sc in Computer Science, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, graduating with honors.


Eran Cohen, VP Marketing,

Eran serves as VP of Marketing & Sales and oversees communication
Prior to joining Alternative, Eran served as Head of the Business and Wealth Management Department at the "Excellence Nesuah"
Investment House. The departments under his management supplied services
to over 9 billion of the company's customers. He also served as a senior investment advisor at one of the largest banks in the country.
Eran holds a B.A in Economics, specializing in Management.


Arik Boider - Alternative CEO

Arik has served as an investment portfolio manager for the last 15 years and specializes in stocks, bonds and hedge strategies. Prior to joining Alternative, Arik served in a variety of roles, including Investment Manager of Provident Funds at the Psagot Investment House and Chief Investment Manager at the Tamir Fishman Investment House. 
He holds an M.B.A in Economics,  specializing in Accounting.


Yair Drori, VP Investments


Yair serves as VP Investment at Alternative. Prior to joining Alternative, he worked in trading and analysis roles, including: VP of Investment Banking at the Epsilon Underwriting company, Chief Economist at the "Tafnit"
Investment House, Investment Manager and Analyst for private and institutional customers
at the Tamir Fishman Investment House. He holds a portfolio management license from the Security Authority and a B.A. in Economics, specializing in Finance.

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