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Stock Write-Ups


Press & Media 

 Taiwan Semi and it's role in battle of AMD vs Intel 

Symbol: TSM, AMD

Date Published: Aug 2019

 Hearing Aids (Amplifon and Demant)

Symbols: AMP (Milan), Diamond (Denmarl)

Date Published: Aug 2019

SaaS Business Models - HubSpot

Symbol: HUBS

Date Published: Nov 2019

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
(SmartEye, Seeing Machines)

Symbols: SEYE.ST, SEE (LON)

Date Published: June 2021

Payton's Planar - Not just under the EV hood,

but also a play on cloud data centers

Symbols: PAY.BB (Euronext)

Date Published: April 2019

Edge computing & 5G

(American Tower)

Symbols: AMT, SBAC

Date Published: Jan 2020

 Cyber and Palo Alto Network

Symbol: PANW

Date Publishesd: Oct 2019

3 Inisghts for Corona Investing

Symbols: SMAR, ZS, NVDA

Date Published: April 2021


Seeking Alpha Interview:
Tech Investing With Lucid Capital

 Seeking Alpha Interview: Why P / E is the last thing investors should look for and how to invest in EVs

Symbols: Nice, UI

Date Published: Nov 2019

Symbols: IFX.GY (Infineon), STM

Date Published: Nov 2020


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